CHS Weekly eFolder November 30, 2017

You’re warmly invited to the
Community Food Fair / CHS Holiday Festival
Dec. 9  •  10am – 12:30pm

Shop for Christmas gifts, take photos with Santa, join us for snacks/lunch, and celebrate the Holiday with CHS friends at the Community Food Fair / CHS Holiday Festival. Any READY TO EAT food or products donations will be accepted. All donations and 100% of the proceeds from the fair will go towards the school operating costs. Sign up for food and goods donations at:

  • Photo with Santa
  • Crafts and games
  • Yard Sale
  • Food:
    • home made apple jam
    • Korean BBQ pork belly
    • Chinese butter cookies
    • 椰汁糕 (coconut pudding)
    • Japanese Cheesecake
    • 糯米糍 (glutinous rice balls)
    • tea eggs
    • sushi
    • chicken hibachi noodle
    • coffee, HK style milk tea, hot chocolate
    • fish balls
    • soy eggs
    • fresh popped popcorn w toppings
    • soy milk
  • Goods & Gifts:
    • holiday wreath
    • origami
    • aromatherapy heating pads
    • jewelry
    • scarves
    • hair accessory
    • small purse/bags 
    • pillows
    • herbal soaps

Parent Duty
Don’t forget to signup for Parent Duty! Each family is required to perform parent duty twice a year (once each semester).
Go to  to look for open dates, then email “” the date you wish to perform. Make sure you get a confirmation from the PTA Parent Duty Coordinator, Judy. $10 will be returned to you upon completion of parent duty.

Please remember to check and read the CHS Weekly eFolder for important information! The eFolder is sent out every Thursday evening and is posted on the CHS Website. We are an environmentally friendly bunch and have gone more and more green each year. 

Coming Up…
December 16:

  • Dim Sum Vendor  •  Cafeteria @11am

December 23 & 30

  • School Closed. Winter and New Year Holiday.

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