The following positions are available for the Fall 2013 school year.

Language Class Teachers
Language class teachers are responsible for teaching language classes. Though no teaching experience is required, candidates are required to speak fluent Cantonese, and read and write Chinese (traditional characters). There will be a workshop and opportunities to observe current classes in April and May before assuming teaching responsibility in September. There is also the option to be an Assistant Teacher.

If you are interested, please complete the Teacher Application form (only available in Chinese). You can also find more details about the duties, hiring qualifications, and compensation on the form.

Cultural Class Director & Dean
The Cultural Class Director is responsible for promoting, facilitating and supporting the cultural programs for CHS. Duties include arranging meaningful cultural classes and recruiting instructors to teach them; and coordinating performances for internal and external events.

The Dean is responsible for overseeing the discipline of the school environment, by guiding the students to follow the school rules. The Dean is also responsible for supporting the Teacher-Assistants and managing the TA operation, including assigning TAs to classes, coaching them to be effective TAs, writing recommendation letter and proposing award/scholarship for the TAs.

Click here for more information of the duties and compensation of this position.

If you have questions or inquiries about these positions, please contact Principal Ann Li, Vice Principal Clement Lee, or Head Teachers Sally Leung and Suk Yee Pau. You can use info@chsnj2000.org to reach us or see us in school.

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