Teacher Resources

CHS Resources:
Media list
Chinese Treasure Chest
Q9 Tutorial (Chinese input method)

Stroke Sequence Cut and Paste
Stroke Order for Chinese Characters
Online Cantonese Input Method
粵拼易 JyutPingEasy.Net
Radical and stroke numbers of Chinese characters
中英對照香港學校中文學習基礎字詞 Lexical Items with English Explanations
Typing Chinese (Google Input Tool)Quizlet.com
兩文三語互動教育網站 KidsGoFlash
粵語審音配詞字庫(香港中文大學) Chinese Character Database


Mandarin Learning:
Adding pinyin to Chinese sentences
CCTV’s Growing Up with Chinese: Series of 100 episodes, each 15 mins long, that teaches Mandarin, grammar, and culture with a story line.
Rutgers Chinese Multimedia Teaching Systems

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